Christopher Moors is now offering trumpet and brass lessons at The Music Shoppe Lesson Studios.

His students are consistently top performers in schools and at contests. 

The student will learn the technical side of playing the instrument and how to be expressive with it.  We will check out the embouchure and air flow, making sure the physical component of playing is working as well as it can.  After assessing the student’s current level of ability, appropriate methods/solos will be assigned and we will get into the fun and hard work of making music.

It is a very good practice to develop key critical thinking skills.  Both the organizing left hemisphere of the brain and the creative/abstract right hemisphere of the brain work together to achieve goals.  This gives the student a great sense of accomplishment when successfully performing a piece and reasoning tools that they can apply to every task they encounter in life.

Lessons will be taught on Mondays 5:00pm-8pm and Wednesdays 5:00pm-8pm at The Music Shoppe and Pro-Sound Center.

Email Stacey our Lesson Studios Administrator at the Music Shoppe Lesson Studios to sign up for a time: dustin@themusicshoppe.com

Or give us a call.  217-356-8005.  Signing up for lessons now.  Limited Availability.