Solo Recordings


Willwerth Essays for Unaccompanied Trumpet

Recorded by Christopher Moors 2015-2016


Pictured: Joe Hazlett, Dr. Paul Willwerth, & Chris Moors 1992

Essay #1 – Whole Tone

Essay #1 – Duet

Essay #2 – Atonal

Essay #3 – Modal

Essay #3 – Duet

Essay #3 – Trio

Essay #4 – Rhythmic Improvisation

Essay #4 – Rhythmic Realization

Essay #5 – Saga

Essay #6 – Elegy

Essay #7 – Cornet Recollections

Essay #8 – Dialogue


A Special Thunder Bay Arts Council

Home Coming Concert

AHS Auditorium – Alpena, Michigan

May 7th, 2011

1. Prayer of St. Gregory

2. Sonatina*

3. Hornpipe

4.  Falling in Love Again

Christopher Moors – Trumpet

Amy Truth – Piano

*Composed by Christopher Moors


 A collection of Classic Etudes recorded by Chris in 2009

1. Willwerth #6 from Essays for Unaccompanied Trumpet

2. Bitsch #12 from Vingt Etudes

3. Charlier #6 from Etudes Transcendantes

4. Bordogni #13 from Melodious Etudes for Trombone (arranged by Rochut)

5. Sabarich #1 from Dix Etudes

6. Concone #11 from Lyrical Studies

7. Reynolds #2 from Etudes for Trumpet (transcribed from Etudes for Horn)

8. Smith #3 from Top Tones for the Trumpeter

9. Koprasch #15 from Sixty Selected Studies for Trumpet

10. Arban’s #1 from Complete Conservatory Method for Trumpet



Dreamscape composed and performed by Christopher Moors 2003

atmospheres cover

1. Evoke Prevoke Provoke11. Fruit21. Good Time Charlie
2. Primitive Sunshine12. Wailing Fluctuation22. Dream Kiss
3. Rumple Stump Bumple13. Swell Moonbeam23. Decent Descent
4. Hush Baby14. Whole from Hole24. Judge Jury Justified
5. Melting Space Time15. Horror Helmet25. Beseech
6. Hearken Heart Haze16. Moan Pie26. Tooth Ache
7. Yeti17. Balloon Belly27. Ancient Road
8. Red Orange18. Meditational Medicine28. Mosquito Ballad
9. Smooth Planet19. Thunder Valley29. Antarctic Morning
10. Solar Wind20. Star Star30. Man in a Box

Cry Out!

Chris performed as a soloist on a piece written for him by Mike Pounds called ‘Cry Out!’ which appears on the CD entitled ‘Passages’, in celebration of the 40th Anniversary of the Experimental Music Studios at the U of Illinois.